Sense and sensibility

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The story began in the area of Norland, Sussex. The Dashwood’s family (Mr and Mrs Dashwood, their three daughters Elinor, Marianne and Margaret) lived happily in their house but the father’s deathchanged everything. John, Mr Dashwood’s son (born from a previous wedding) inherited the house and brought his wife and his son, Fanny and Harry, there. Unfortunately, Fanny is a cold and selfish woman.So, deprived of her liberty, Mrs Dashwood decided to leave Norland. The four girls went to Devon because a generous relative (Sir John Middleton and his wife Lady Middleton) proposed them that theycan live on his land, the Barton Cottage. The girls were very charming and many neighbours noticed them. They met Mrs Jennings, Lady Middleton’s mother, who loves talking about lovers such as ColonelBrandon who fell in love with Marianne in secret; the handsome Mr John Willoughby who have a relationship with Marianne or Edward Ferrars, Fanny’s brother, who fell in love with Elinor (they met eachother when Elinor lived at Norland and him with his mother in London). In fact, Edward is a secret man and when girls had left Norland, he promised to Elinor to keep in touch… But she had to wait tosee that boy again... She was sad but she didn’t show her feelings because of her temper. Unlike her sister, Marianne shows her feelings easier… One day, she fell and she had to wait for help… Hersister, Margaret, ran to the Barton Cottage to get the help her sister needed. Happily, a man took Marianne and brought her back to the house. They always were together but not for a long time… JohnWilloughby must leave Devon to go back to London.
During the winter, Mrs. Jennings, who loves Dashwood’s daughters, invited them to stay in London. She told them some secrets. She let them know thatWilloughby is going to marry a rich heiress, and that Edward’s engaged since four years to Lucy Steele. She wanted Elinor to become her confidant, to make him quieter, even with her sister. She was...