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This history began after the murder of a mysterious young woman. The murderer was called Blood. He killed Stranga, a mysterious young woman and she was a sighted very gifted person.
Blood wasn’tsuperstitious but he had some doubts about strange noises in his apartment.These noises were loud or faint and they manifested always at midnight. Before dying , Stranga had told him with ahight-pitched voice : « You will pay for what you have done!!! »

On the evening of friday the thirteenth of october 2006, Blood felt a breath of fresh air which brushed his face. He told himself : « Oh!A draft!». But not any window of his apartement was opened. This breath of fresh air became hoter and hoter, as if somebody was near him but invisible. He thought during a few second : a ghost! But hetold himself : « What am I saying?? Ghosts do not exist! » He drank orange-juice glass to relax. Few minutes after, he felt the same breath of fresh but more intensity, there were strange noises :whispers, screams… He took a shower because he sweated a lot. Suddenly the water became boiling. He jumped out of the shower. This phenomenon had never happened before. He saw an odd shadow which stayedhere, in front of him, it didn’t speak. This shadow was luminous,like the full moon on the sky that night and we saw just the form of its face, we didn’t see the mouth, the nose etc, it stared at himand it left. Blood called his best-friend Max and he told him everything and Max said: « Listen, Blood : I don’t believe what you say. You have to concentrate to kill your new victim rather blatherok? » And he rang off. Blood realized that he had become superstitious. He dressed to go investigate on Elsa, his new victim. After, he tried to open his apartment door but it was wedged. He was lockedup in his flat!! He called Max but the phone line was cut. He heard a high-pitched voice which called him : « Blood, Blood , Blood !!! And it was louder and louder: Blood, Blood , it’s me , it’s...