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You ain’t seen nothing yet

The crisis could strike anytime, The Economist warned in a commentary published last year. This is not only an economic, the world is faced with a real social crisis. Infact, today, some tensions are re-emerging particularly in the public sector. Unions are mobilizing and are coming together across national boundaries across to improve working conditions. Social andeconomics conflicts concern all countries, both rich or poor and different sectors and in recent years, the trend has been towards an knock-on effects of this conflicts. We ain’t seen nothing yet!European transport was affected by a lot of disturbances last year. In Great Britain, the strikes by flight attendants afflicted British Airways, and it happened the same with Lufthansa, the biggestEuropean airline witch Hundreds of flights were cancelled in February as the majority of pilots at Europe's largest airline went on strike over job security. A lot of passengers were stranded atairports.
the french railway trade unions SNCF called for strikes over new work practices and job cuts. Great Britain avoided a rail strike but there were disruptions with London underground trains. Therailways field had not known an action of this scale since 1984.
There are a cooperation between unions across national boundaries. In fact, it may happen than the strikers offer mutual support acrossthe national borders. For example Britain’s Unite union, which represents and the flight attendants held talks with America’s Teamsters because both had The same claims : ” improve workingconditions.”
There is no such true thing as epidemic of strikes in the world but there are knock-on effects. For example , as a result of the strike in an Indian firm that make parts at Rico, General Motors hasbeen paralyzed. Some strikes can lead to disturbances in the whole country.
Strikes have become a mode of expression and a weapon of dissuasion for Unions and employees. Recently, France was...