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The young boy had spoke with his father for a longtime before to go in the home.
Back home, the child runs to his mother to tell her about that"magical ride" with her father.

_" mum " I said. " I talked with Dad in the car...even though I was a little nervous". (52)
My mother was doing to eat and do notreally understand what I meant.
ou and did not really pay attention to what I said.
_" ...and then you talked about what ?" replied my mother.
She looked at me with curiously.
_" we listened to Jimi Hendrix's version of The Star- Spangled Banner on the radio...Dad likes thismusic isn't it?...he had to mount the volume in the car " add I.
_my mother told : " yes, this song must surely have a special meaning for him...but I do notknow..." (80).
_I interrupted my mother: " afterward, I spoke with him about the war, I told him that we the youth can not be a war, just video games ... and our dadwas pissed."
My mother made soup to warm up then she looked left and right with a fear of my father and she added dryly:
_why did you say that? ... normalthat your father is upset.
why would you go to war? Your father tell you about the indians? (80)
I whispered, and added : "you don't understand dad looks likea book, I say "peace and war with nothing in between "we talked long war, Indians who were born as soldiers ... we talked briefly and I feel like a magicaljourney, mum ".
My mother smiled : "I'm glad this trip've liked. your father teach you a lot of things, no?"
I had tears in their eyes: "Yes, many things..."