The creativity

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The creativity is the expression of imaginary, the expression of the feelings and the vision of the spirit. It is the capacity, the capacity which has an individual to create, i.e. to imagine andcarry out something again.
It is an aspect of the personality of a person. A creative person will express her creativity by transforming matter into something of never yet considering, ever explored,she will transmit through her creations a message, an idea. The creativity also comes from imagination, it calls upon this one in order to be able to carry out something which was not done yet.Indeed, a creative person calls much upon her imagination in order to be able will project what it feels. The creativity is a personal means of expression, it is a direction which each one among us hasand which one can develop more or less and this by curiosity or while being interested in all and everyone, and by calling upon its imaginary. The creativity can also be regarded as the capacity tobring or make find solutions original with the problems arising. It is the capacity to transform a vacuum, one nothing, an absence in a phenomenon, a new work, i.e. not seen before.
The creativity is amental process during which the person gives her own expression personnel of the things which surrounds it or which touches it. It to create new ideas or concepts or new associations betweenpreexistent ideas and concepts.

In my life of the every day I like to use my creativity, that is to regulate a problem, to find solutions or to even go the funnier and more interesting life. In my work,I make use of my creativity to try out new things, to test novel methods of drawing with different tools, to see even which are not made with this use. It is necessary to know to call upon itscreativity and to thus show originality that its is in its work or the life of the every day. The creativity makes it possible to be dissociated and to some extent to continue, to show its own personality