The fifth child, doris lessing

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Doris Lessing Extract 1 p.3 to p.
This extract is the first scene of the fifth child, a book published in 1988. Doris Lessing was a British writer, her life had been full of adventures and ofstranges events. She was awarded the Nobel prize of litterature in 2007. The first scene we have to analyse introduces us to the main characters : Harriet and David. They met at an office party. In thispassage, we learn about their lifestyle, their moral and pshycological features
Firstly, we will see that it is the introduction of two characters out of step with the world, secondly , we will studythe beginning of their love story, which seems to be a fairy tale.

I. _ The scene takes place in the sixties, years of sexual liberation.
But Harriet and David are set apart and do not agreewith this search for freedom
They are " old fashionned ".
Harriet is a virgin, David had ( just ) one affair, he's still looking for the right woman.
This is a special situationwhich catch our attention .

_ At the party, David and Harriet have no fun, they are watchers, " observers", they stay at the same place, quiet.
On the contrary, the other people aremoving, frantic.
They are not in the same world.
_ There are many words in the text that show they are different :
" addballs ", " freaks", " misfit"
they are object ofrumours, particulary Harriet " she's a mad man", " she's a nympho".
_ The physical description : there are oppositions :
An opposition between Harriet's colours and appearance with those ofDavid : " pastel" / " scarlet "
An opposition between David's appearance with all the other men : " serious " , " judicious" / " grimous of pain "

So, David and Harriet have a lot incommon, " almost " doubles, they are connected, as we can see with the word " mirorred" .They seems really " made for each other", and ready for love, particulary so as both their jobs are related (...