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This document is an extract of « the camel bookmobile » who was written by Masha Hamilton in 2007.
In this text we discover what fionawant do in her life, and we know she want to go in kenya for help the population.
I go to read this text.
We can separate this text in two parts :
The first part talk about the preparation of thederparture of Fi (l1-l26) and in the second part, we can see the discussion who talk about this departure (l27-59).
So, in the first part the main character Fiona, is preparing her bag because soon,she leave (l6-7). Fiona is a girl, her name is Fiona Sweeney, her nickname is Fi, and we say she has one brother and two sisters, and the four children were brought up by their mother alone. And, afterwe learn that Fiona go in Africa (l9-10), precisely, she go in Kenya for help people because she studied this country and « she had discovered that the country’s annual death toll from malaria was inthe tens of thousands » (l20-21) and this continent is very “violent and chaotic” (l25-26). As we say, Fi leave the USA for go to the Kenya but she feared the unknown.
In the second part, the threecharacters who are Fiona and two men, Devi and Chris debate about the travel of Fi. Fi wants to prove that isn’t ordinary as her mother when she has raised her 4 children alone (l27-28). The two menaren’t agree with the decision of Fi because they think this country isn’t sure, Chris say to Devi that this country is very dangerous (l48-49) but Fi isn’t agree because for her, New York City isn’tmore dangerous and she go to Garissa, a smaller city and not in Nairobi, the capital (l51-52). But later, we have say why she wants go in this country: it’s for help after her work because there islots of illiteracy and she wants help people. For Fi, books have a great importance and she wants to permit at Kenyans to learn to read but Devi and Chris aren’t agree. So, we say why she want go to...