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Draft Proposal:

How brands create a relationship with tribes?

Objective, to understand and explain what is the tribal marketing and secondly, tounderstand how companies are successfully using this approach in practice.

The first part of the study will be to understand what the tribal marketing is. To do this we can look at socialfactors that characterize our times and that sociologists called "post-modernism. We can highlight the trends of postmodernism, first socially and then we can present the influence ofit on the consumption and the conduct of marketing. This insight could enable us to understand the reasons that led to the emergence of "alternative" marketing approaches, includingtribal marketing.
Subsequently, we can present the theoretical concepts underlying the tribal approach. It will be necessary to open the debate on the differences between tribal marketingand traditional marketing, to highlight what this approach can add.

The second part of our work will be a field study that has will be aimed to analyze and explain how businessesare using tribal marketing approach to create a strong bond with a consumer group, designate by the concept of “neo-tribe”. We will study the different approaches available for brands tobuild this relationship and the value it could bring. To do this, we will conduct a qualitative survey of several brands that follow the tribal approach and which allowed us to providethe answers to our problems.


This study will allow us to work on a very interesting and complex marketing approach, located at the border of: marketing, sociology andpsychology. Appealing to the emotional dimension that unites individuals, construct imaginary worlds around products and give them new meaning can gives way to many opportunities.