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The Ultimate Heatmap

The Ultimate Heatmap!

How to Triple Your Advertising Revenues Without Additional Traffic by Michael Campbell

The Ultimate Heatmap

The Ultimate Heatmap
Preface The first question everyone asks... "Why is it free?" Followed by... "Are you nuts?" It's free because it's a gift. A deposit into the Bank of Karma. ;-) Yes, I could have made a quick $50,000 by tellingmy newsletter readers about it. Then, who knows how much over the years, from the affiliate sales force... But I decided not to sell it. I choose to give it away instead. This information is far too valuable to keep in the hands of a few. Everyone from graphic designers, to advertisers, to publishers with websites and blogs can benefit from it. There's nothing good about hoarding information. Whenpeople approach life with scarcity and lack, that's what they get in return. When they approach life with abundance, its what they get in return. There's also nothing good about hoarding money. When people are afraid to spend, and hang on to every penny, the whole world economy goes in the tank. It is my hope, that everyone who receives this gift, will make more money. Hey... maybe I'm "overly"optimistic, but if I can help enough entrepreneurs and small business owners, maybe, just maybe, I can affect the world economy. If everyone is making more money, they spend more money. And that is my goal, to keep the money circulating. When everyone is spending, consumer confidence is up, and everyone's doing good. I'm not out to change the Universe. I'm just trying to give our planet a tiny nudgeto the economy. That's why I decided to gift this research to the world, that all may benefit, and be blessed with abundance.

The Ultimate Heatmap

Introduction I overlaid hundreds of heatmaps, clickmaps, web usability studies, eye tracking reports and ad placement guidelines from the big ad networks. I then created 30 templates based on this data, and tracked the amount of ad revenuegenerated, depending on ad position. The result of this research, is a definitive set of nine templates. You can double or triple your ad revenues, without any additional traffic, clicks, or page views, just by moving the ads to the hot spots. A highly fascinating and profitable experiment to say the least. Of course your results will vary from mine. The type of market you're in, the type of ads youuse, and the people who visit your sites, will all affect your results. So I advise against overhauling your website, without testing first. Think of these templates as a "best practices" or guidelines for ad placement. If anything, be sure to experiment with some of the layouts, on a few of your pages, because they could double, or triple the affiliate, or ad revenues, that you're making right now.Don't have any advertising on your site? That's ok. The Ultimate Heatmap can be used draw attention to the most important areas of your site. It can have a dramatic effect on signups, donations, optins and conversions. For graphic designers and advertising professionals, there's plenty for you here too. You'll discover important site layouts, standard ad sizes, and how to design more effectiveadvertising. Finally, I'd like to thank the members of my Dynamic Media private site, for helping me with this research. Thank you for letting me use you, and some of your web properties as guinea pigs in my "mad scientist" research experiments. Oh... one more thing. If you want the full size heatmaps to refer to while reading this report, you'll find them in Appendix B at the end. I hope that youenjoy this report and profit like crazy because of it. Michael Campbell

by Internet Marketing Consultant Michael Campbell

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The Ultimate Heatmap

Keys to the Ultimate Heat Map

1 2 3 4 5 6

The hottest spots on any web page are shown in the keys above. Red 1's are the hottest areas, getting the most clicks and eye fixations. Blue 6's are the coolest being practically...