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Some might say that it’s a gift and a blessing, that if it allows you to see clearly, then perhaps you shouldn’t mind the negatives and justfocus on the positives. Allow yourself to become enveloped in the high, and just let it take you as far as it can.
I don’t happen to agreewith those people, because the negatives aren’t minute, and the positives are fleeting moments. If you allow yourself to be swept away in thehigh, then your life becomes about the illusions, and all the lows become so unbearable.
It isn’t true that there are only two choices, butat the moment I can only see the two. You’ve got the choice of living in the box, and seeing nothing but the walls, or living in a cage, andseeing the wonders of the outside that just weren’t obtainable. But in the box, you don’t yearn for something that isn’t yours, you live in thebox and you love the box. In the cage you witness the wonders and want the wonders for yourself.
Until I can figure out how to escape theconfines of the cage, how to break free from the walls of the box, I can’t quite comprehend the purpose in seeing the wonders that you’ll neverget to have. After all, it’s just a cliché when they say that it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.
All thesame, it’s so unfair to those who’ve finally been free enough to go free. It’s not fair, not at all. It was too short, that little flight.