Walt disney case

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The Walt Disney Assignment

Introduction: The Walt Disney Company was founding in 1923 by Walt Disney and Roy Disney. This firm hasbecome in 87 years the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world. It has 150 000 employees in the world and generates more than 36 billion dollars in 2009.
At the end of the twentycentury, the firm had difficulties because its huge debts and a decrease of its profits. The new CEO, Bob Iger, changed a lot of things in the company. He reinstated a large autonomy between businessunits and installed cost-cutting measures that allowed increasing profit margins. He improved the ethic concerning human resources of the firm with promoting anti-discrimination policies, corporatevalues and culture. With the creation of wildlife conservation areas or its effort to have a more environmental friendly lighting across property, the company promotes a sustainable and responsibledevelopment. These measures restore the positive image of Walt Disney and its activities.
Its activities are very diversified. The company is known all around the world for its cartoons and its themeparks. But Walt Disney it is also a producer of movies, series. Thinks to its filial ABC, the firm is also a media group with television and radio channels.
We can separate the corporate area of thefirm in four big divisions: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment and consumer products.
The media networks division : It is not the activity the more known of the groupbut it is the more lucrative of them. Walt Disney is present on the sector thinks to its filial ABC television networks. Bought in 1996, the company owns 10 television channels, 21 radio channels, 14television sport channels thinks to its participation in ESPN. The headlight channel of this conglomerate is ABC. It is the most view channel in the USA behind CBS. It has a lot of success thinks to...