Women's right

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Black people were once slaves in the USA and then they had to fight against legal segregation. Is there an injustice you are particularly sensitive to andrevolted against?
What is it? What are/were the means to set it right? Explain.

On the eighteenth century, men and women were unequal inFrance. Indeed, women were powerless and they had to fight so as to have the same rights as men.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, men weremisogynists and mighty, that’s why they determined women’s life. They couldn’t word and they had to stay at home and to take care of their children. Atthis time, the vote was only according to men, and women were forbidden to give their opinion so they couldn’t manage a country too.

Women were fedwith the discrimination and they decided to fight. They have created a feminist movement in order to have the same rights as men. The two French girls whobegan this revolution have been killed. A lot of women continued the fight, they made petitions, and they walked pacifically on streets. Despite the factthat many men were misogynists, some of them wrote books to fight for women.

During the nineteenth and the twentieth century, the French governmentaccorded women’s rights. Indeed, in 1924, women were allowed to go to school. Besides, women could vote and be elected, in 1944.

The women’sbattle has led the equality between men and women. Nowadays, women still discriminated by men but inequality will be less and less important with the time.