V for vendetta - dernieres scenes du film

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V for Vendetta is a dystopian science fiction-thriller film directed by James McTeigue,released in 2006 and adapted from the comic V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd by the Wachowski brothers. This film is inspired by the novel 1984 by George Orwell.
The action takes place in London around 2038 in a dystopian society, where freedom fighter calling himself "V" seeks toestablish a political and social change by leading a violent personal vendetta against the fascist government in place.
One night, a mysterious masked man dressed in black, which will be known as the "V" saves Evey Hammond from the clutches of men's finger. Her origins (daughter of activist Democrats missing sister of a young victim of the bombing of St. Mary) will soon make her a fugitive wantedby the regime and the link forever V.
One evening at the spectacular destruction of the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court of England), V takes control of the British Television Network (BTN) and broadcasts a video condemning the evils of fascism, but also citizens for allowing the party to power on the first day. Evey, also present that day, was injured helping V escape. He brings her back tohis lair, "The Shadow Gallery".
When V asked her to help eliminate the Bishop Lilliman, she manages to escape and finds refuge with her former supervisor and friend, the host Gordon Dietrich. After a satirical program cons Chancellor Sutler, secret police led a raid against the house of Gordon. Evey is captured while trying to escape, and was imprisoned and tortured for days. During her isolation,she will find a sort of comfort in discovering the notes of a former prisoner, Valerie...
First, we study the conditions of imprisonment of Evey and Valerie’s story.
Secondly, we analyze the transformation of Evey.
Thirdly, we will focus on the influence of V on the fate and life of Evey.
I Evey’s condition
A) Evey’s deprivation
Evey was captured by what she believes to be the secretpolice, is brought into a detention center (even if not the reality) that she is questioned, a man asked her to cooperate and say what she knows about V: hiding, his real name ... Evey can’t control herself, she is afraid. She is prepared for questioning that is to say we torture her mercilessly, human values no longer exist in this world. First, this scene is very representative, because Eveyfilled with fear is to leave; we takes off her femininity, femininity embodied by the hair of a woman. She is abused by staff. Refusing to cooperate, they burn under hot water then tries to drown she cooperates. Locked in his cell, the loneliness invaded his own fear gnaws. She is lying in one corner of the wall. It changes positions frequently in his cell or in a corner or in a fetal position in themiddle or lying on the ground, curling his hands, closing in on herself, having its own presence, her own existence is the only thing that remains. She is treated with contempt, as something nobody talks to her. At the first appearance of rats invaded the fear, anguish is there. She subsequently becomes more serene in his cell at the second appearance of the rats, she is intrigued by the rat holein the wall. His eyes no longer filled with fear but it is insured. Then she discovered the toilet paper rolls on which one can distinguish a script.

B) Valerie’s story
Valerie's story is written on pieces of toilet paper founded in a crack of the wall. Evey seems very interested in its contents. During the reading of this autobiography, testimony, there is a close-up on the face of Evey.Valérie's story is linked to the beginnings of the totalitarian regime of Sutler. Valerie was born in Nottingham in 1985. She remembers the rain and her grandmother said that God is in every drop of rain. In 2002, she fell in love with a certain Christina, by telling her parents she was dismissed but she had the courage to do this because Christina was holding her hand. The camera puts the accent...