Étude de la société olivetti

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Subject: Olivetti Assignment

The Company overview

Company: Olivetti Head Office: Italy Torino Turnover: 408 Million € by 2007 Number of Employees: 1260 Slogan: Simple is Beautiful Business Line: Information Technology “Computer, Printers and other Business Machines”

Presentation of the Company
Olivetti is an Italian manufacturer of computers, printers and other business machines The company was founded as a typewriter manufacturer in 1908 in Ivrea, near Turin, by Camillo Olivetti. The firm was mainly developed by his son Adriano Olivetti. Olivetti opened its first overseas manufacturing plant in 1930 and its Divisumma electric calculator was launched in 1948. Olivetti produced Italy's first electronic computer, the transistorised Elea 9003, in 1959, and purchased the Underwood Typewriter Company that year. In 1964 the company sold its electronics division to the American company General Electric. It continued to develop new computing products on its own; one of these was Programma 101, regarded [who?] as the first personal computer produced by a company.

Type Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Area served Key people Industry

Public Ivrea, Italy Camillo Olivetti Ivrea, Italy Europe South America Nicolò Nefri Chairman Giovanni Ferrario (CEO) Massimo Canturi Managing Director information technology computer printers calculators photocopiers computer peripherals hardware 1280 (2007) Telecom Italia http://www.olivetti.it


Employees Parent SWOT Diagram of Olivetti Website

Olivetti Chart
DEPARTMENTAL (divisional) CHART (Olivetti)

Geographies divisions




Customer type divisions

B to B

B to C

B to A

Industries Divisions Products Divisions




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