Abc murders

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[pic]Plot summary and comments:Poirot is once more joined by Hastings, again on extended leave from his Argentine ranch. The story begins with Poirot receiving a taunting letter promising a crime in Andover on a given day; sure enough, a murder occurs there, and more letters follow. It soon becomes clear that the criminal is working his way through the alphabet (Alice Ascher was killed in Andover, waitress Betty Barnard is murdered in Bexhill, Sir Carmichael Clark killed in Churston, and in Doncaster something goes wrong when a Mr. Earlsfield is killed). A railway timetable ("The ABC Rail Guide", as it is called) is left next to each victim. Poirot and Hastings find the method in ABC's pretended madness and the reason for the alphabetical order, and stop the killing spree in time to save the fifth victim. The prime suspect for most of the book is a mysterious Mr. Alexander Bonaparte Cust. A film of the story, "The Alphabet Murders", was made in 1966, but it is not a faithful adaptation.
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[pic]"The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie is a very good book. The story is outstanding and keeps you interested, and is set in 1935 in England. Hercule Poirot, the great detective, receives anonymous letters from someone called ABC. These letters state a city and a date inside them, and Poirot suspects a crime. I liked this book mainly because it keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The only dislike I have is that sometimes it was hard to follow, but later things clear up. Therefore, if you like mystery novels that make you not want to stop reading, you should definitely read this book."
[pic]"The detective fiction book A.B.C. Murders, written by Agatha Christie, is a thrilling book. Christie's encouragement to read on makes it a "can't put it down" book. She forms the characters in great detail, each detail eventually making perfect sense in the conclusion and

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