The actress and other stories

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The Actress and other stories.
Agatha Christie.
Livre de poche.

This book is a book written by Agatha Christie. It was published in 2006 by the edition “Le livre de poche.”Agatha Christie was a very famous British crime writer; she also wrote some romance under the name of Mary Westmacott. She was the best-selling writer of books of all time with William Shakespeare of anykind: She wrote more than 80 books. Her name is easily associated to two characters: Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.
In this book, we can find four different stories: “The Actress”, “The GoldenBall”, “The Thumb Mark of St Peter”, “The witness for the Prosecution”. Agatha Christie writes them all. Those stories are different but they all have commons points: In all of those stories there are a lotof suspense.
Now, I’m going to resume my favorite story in those four ones:
The Golden Ball: This is the story of George and Mary Montresor. They are in a Car, and suddenly, Mary asked George: “How would you like to marry me?” George was very surprised at that question, but answered as some kind of a yes, because he said that it would be a lovely idea. But in the conversation, Georgediscovers that Mary is already engaged to Bingo. But she is not sure whom she is going to marry, and that is why is proposed Bingo and George. Later in the story, George re-engaged the topic of the wedding,and Mary that was a joke and don’t want to marry George neither Bingo, she wants to marry a man who will get on his knees for her. George refused to get on his knees for her. But, he folds on a Bananaskin; and Mary thought that George had proposed her. George tries to explained to her that he felt but she didn’t want to hear anything. And at the end of the story, we can notice that George felt onthe banana skin in purpose because he wants to marry Mary only for her fortune.
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“He slipped, tried to recover his balance and failed. He was...
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