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La Sagrada familia
The Sagrada Familia de Antoni Gaudi. The photographs which run the risk of it were taken in 360 º around Sagrada Familia.
Sagrada Familia is the site most visited by very Barcelona, it a was received more than 2.000.000 of the visitors a year. He dawned acts of a construction site in huge proportions, unprecedented in all history of Architecture and therefore one of the most original plans and the most ambitious in terms of architecture.
As you can point it out, the monument stays in building and should not be finished before 20/25 years. The Building of Sagrada Familia started in 1882.

Olympic Stadium of Barcelona

The Olympic Stadium of Barcelona (Estadi Olimpic), already existing, was extend for the Olympic Games which took place from July 26th till August 21st, 1992. Today this Olympic Stadium of Barcelona is free opened to the visitors who want to admire the places where event set up.
The stade can receive 80000 audience.

La Casa Batlló

Casa Batll ó was drawn by Gaudi for a rich nobleman of Barcelona. The first floor acted as residence to the owner and the upper floors were rentedThe building is today a museum which I deeply recommend you to visit. The work of Gaudi forces your imagination and encourages to settle of questions, therefore if you have opportunity to go there, are ready and try to understand what he wanted to represent.

Barceloneta Beach

The Beach of Barceloneta is the closest to the centre of Barcelona. By walking since Colom at the bottom of Ramblas it is needed you 15 minutes to join the beach. Barceloneta gives numerous restaurants of seafoods which act as the very cool fish of day.

Barcelona has more bars, coffees, clubs and disco musics per head than any other city in the world. Well-known are bars in knocks, coffees and their marvellous terraces and "Chocolaterias" but Barcelona also conceals an impressive fan of nocturnal places in

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