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The « DOLCE & GABBANA » ad I chose from internet is very famous among reviews where the main idea is to promote the behavior of the young and how theyare supposed to act. In order to achieve that purpose D&B used 4 young males Caucasians and 1 female Caucasian. This ad seems to gather three of the major rhetorical tools: ethos,pathos and logos.
Ethos is represented by the While American Youth who shows and respects the criteria of modern beauty. Namely it says “I wear D&B and I’m beautiful; if you want to be likeme, you have to act and behave like me”. Besides, we can clearly notice the abs pack from these males and the beautiful woman held down in distress. Thus, by wearing D&B clothes you canlook attractive, thin and stand among those stars.
Pathos is involved by persuading people they will meet the criteria of modern beauty by wearing D&B clothes. The rebellious outlooks ofthese models tend to wish to look like them because they seem somehow unreachable. This feeling not to be able to reach their standards is confirmed by the background where these models standacross a blue sky.
Logos comes into play by the following message which is conveyed across this ad “aggression gets you where you want to be” especially with the males who can do what theywant at their own convenience while women are held down and must conform to their desires. Thus, D&B shows how media can impact our consumer culture painting women as objects led by menwithin their wishes. Unfortunately we can not deny D&B had a sexist vision through this ad.
Ethos, Pathos and Logos seem to be combined in order to attract the youth so that they wearD&B clothes to look like models in this ad yet it can have a negative outlook due to the sexist vision conveyed “men’s aggression towards women who are used at their own convenience”.
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