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Hello !
My name is *** and I’m ** years old.
At first, I would like to thank you to take the time to read this letter and maybe to open your home to me. I think that is very nice from you !
I’m so exited to travel to New-Zeeland !! I’m very keen on learning englisch and meeting new people with different ways of life. I have often seen films and nice pictures from New- Zeland and I’im loocking forward to see this country in real with his landscapes and cities.
Furthermore, I’m curious to discover the student life and the different teaching compared to the french one. One of my sister’s friend went to New-Zeeland and did the same experience to years ago ; she enjoyed it so much that she always speak about going back at least for one year to finish her studies.
Last years, I went to Germany for 6 month. I was welcomed in a german familie and I was going to hight school . This unabled me to share the real german familie way of life and I discovered a different culture.
I hope I would be able to contribute to your family by helping with housework or anything that I’m able to do !
Later I want to be a psychiatrist and that is the reason why I want to enjoy life before I start long and very hard studies of medicin. My different experiences abroad can help me to be open-minded ! Maybe in the future I will be interested to work with handicaped people or autistic children.
As far as my life in France is concerned, I live in Reims, the city of Champagne. There is a very nice old gossig cathedral and it is 3 quarters of an hour from Paris by train. At the moment they are finishing to build the tram and according to me, it is a very good idea because I feel concerned about environement problems.
At school, I have choose a scientific section but I also preapare a french and german « baccalauréat » (secondary school examination qualifying for entry to university ). I also learn chinese and I’m very fond of it, the writing as well as speaking it. So at school, my

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