American influence(non corrigé)

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American influence

My theme is the American influence. I’m going to present different aspects of American influence. First of all, the economic aspects, then the politicalaspects and at last the cultural aspects.

United States is first in economy in the world. We can explain that because United States makes lots of trades in the world. Inparticular, with Europe, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and also because United States have many companies all around the world. For example Coca Cola, Mc Donald, IBM. American economy represents 30%in the world, so they have a huge influence. Even if at the moment American economy is in deficit. They also have an influence in tourism. Indeed United States is the greatesttourist country.

United States is the world’s leading political power. Indeed they are very influential in military and diplomacy. United states have the most powerful industry ofarmaments and moreover American army is present all over the world. They also help many countries with the IMF (International Monetary Fund. For example recently IMF helped Haïtiafter earthquake. United States are the most influential in United Nations, so they are important in security.

It’s after the Second World War that American influence becomemore important. Little by little United States establish “American Way of Life”. Nowadays the American culture is present all around the world. Indeed, English is internationallanguage. It’s the language the most spoken in the world and English music is enough common throughout the world.
Famous movies belong to America whereas American products onlyrepresent 6% in the world and TV series are more often American. The trademarks most known are American. American food is present all over the worlds, especially with fast food Mc Donald.
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