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On the one hand, we can say that the United States is a country very

attractive, because everyone has the idea of theAmerican dream. This

ideal is represented by the icons of America which started from scratch

and ended up at the top as the model Marilyn Monroe, the famous actor

of Western:John Wayne, the father of rock, Elvis Presley. We have a

good image of the United States thanks to their power which is illustrated

by the huge monuments, presidents carved instone on Mount Rushmore,

the Statue of Liberty, or dominance in the culture with the most famous

cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or any TV series that are part ofeveryday life. America is the cradle of a lot of music including blues,

jazz, rock, salsa or rap. The United States represent social success with

big cars, big houses .. It’s the« American Way of life » !

On the other hand, the hidden face of the United States is not as nice ..

For example, the social system or school system are not adapted to the

needsof the population. Students in some schools like Detroit have to

bring their own toilet paper, light bulbs, paper towels and trash bags. In a

school made for 800, students are1200, and some students are forced to

study in a gymnasium or in trailers in the playground. Moreover, their

social security does not pay much .. In 2007, 47 million of 305million

Americans left without any coverage! Few people manage to live their

dream by going to the USA and end up in bad situations. The number of

people living below thepoverty line is very high and there are many

ghettos in the USA like Detroit, the Bronx ..

As Josef Joffe wrote, "America is both menace and seducer, both monster

and model."
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