An other brick in the wall

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Song wrote by Rogers Waters in 1979 and extract from the album” THE WALL”
Another brick in the wall is divided in 3 parts and we will study the 2nd part wich is the most famous!!
Short song not many sentences but all of them are very committed to the aim to attack teachers and education
The ryth and the voice are clipped and more specially can remaind us of a military parad
Moroever the viseo clip show students who are walking like they could do if they were in a military parad!!!

2 min 20

This spetial rhythm can show that this song is really engage and natturely when we heard this song we can understand wath kind of song it is…
Moroever the force of this song is that it is short and clear no hard words so everybody can understand the message wich is to fight against brain waching!!!

This song show the point of view of roger waters who wrotes it and who hates his school teacher and this because he was humiliate by them when he was young…In fact he thinks that teachers are more interested to be strong, hard ant to be repected by children more than to learn them something and learn them how to become an adult!!!
Because of the subject and of the popularitie of this song many student used this song to prostes against school. In facts in South Africa some blacks students used it during the apartheid and few days later this song has been prohibiting by the government!!!

Me I choosed this song because I like it…
-For this rhythm and this style : progressive rock…
-the subject wich is really interesting; there are no lot of song who protest against education with this force and this style it is not just a song wich insult school…
But for me the only pb of this song is that the lyics are not enough open minded.. I know it is crazy but in fact pinks floyd are fighting against the brain waching in school but some people could tend to think that they just want to eradicate school and education but everybody know

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