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I comprehension
A – reponse C

a) Right / Harry was going to a school called Marigold Road Junior.
b) Wrong / violet Toby shouted when she came out of the headmistress’s office.
c) Right / she shouted on Mrs Strickland
d) Right / her father told him to speak well and harry explained to his father that he speak like this because of the other kid
e) Wrong / scool induced him fear
f) Right / She smile and tell him she’s sorry for mrs Toby
g) Right / The rain alarm ring often
h) Wrong / just for buy three dozen plastic buckets
i) ….

Charles’s attitude : protective and fatherly
a) He held even tighter into harry’s hand
b) Charles looking Harry concerned when she speak unproperly
c) He hope harry will be not punish
d) He want take him along

The best adjective for Charles attitude is appalled
a) “ oh dear said Charles “
b) “he felt a old familiar fear…”

II competence linguistique

Philip stared speechlessly at number 9, Hellebore Close. The queen has tried to get the key into the keyhole.
She asked, Charles, darling have you ever used that short of keys?. William and harry laughted when Charles, unable to unlock the front door, has booted it furiously. The door finally oened “ I have never seen such a mess!, said Charles “ this house haven’t been lived in for years! Good lord” said the queen, “ I have never done any housework in my whole life … this is dreadful ! “ . she started to cry.

a) Diana was fed up with living in hell close; she was only interested to going shopping.
b) Instead of reproaching her to her “uncivilized” behavior, the queen took pity of her
c) Jack Barker is thinking to moving to buckingahm Palace.

c- Reformulate
a) I wonder that you help me to clean the house
b) He told them that he don’t have to pay for school dinners
c) Do you mind I help you with the washing-up
d) You should bring your furniture
e) The queen said that her dog is

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