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Case 4: Christian Dior, a new look for Haute Couture

What do you think of Christian Dior as a leader?

“We are unforgivable to do what we did not like in particular if we succeed in it”, such a sentence seems unbelievable coming from Christian Dior, this man who while he was dreaming ofarchitecture, built one of the most famous haute couture house in the world.
Coming out of World War II, the French fashion industry with its centuries of leadership was in big trouble. Despite all the efforts of Lucien Lelong, the French Haute Couture had lost its former prestige and New York was slowly becoming the new center of fashion.
Nevertheless, one man: Christian Dior succeeded inonly a few years in restoring Paris notoriety. What are the key factors that made Christian Dior success? Was he only an exceptional firm leader? Or was he really a visionary who manage to inspire a new development of fashion world?

Indisputably, Christan Dior was a brilliant entrepreneur and manager which represents the base of Dior success.

At first he decided to surround him withpeople who shared the same vision of him: hard workers, creative, talented with a great experience. Having hired employees with very high “readiness level”, the creator could have a leadership based on delegation, though he worked on his side to draw models and on the other side his team worked hundred thousand hours to realize the hundred dresses of each new fashion show. This type of managementwas working very well and as he was creative, demanding and grateful, his team was all dedicated to him, “aimed at making the world aware of Him […] with strong tendance to minimize their own parts in the business.”

But having a team so faithful implies to be professional yourself, which Christian Dior had understood very well. In an esthetic sector, he did not restrain his work to dressescreation but was clearly aware that the house could not run on insane finances and considered himself as a real industrial entrepreneur: being careful about his spending and making sure that every fashion show was profitable.

Always triyng to behave in the best way, “Le patron” as his staff called him, manage to influence his team whose competence and commitment allows the Dior’s house to bein 1952 the biggest house in the world with 902 employees and 278 designs shown per collection.

But Christian Dior has been more than an exceptional firm leader, he also manage to breathe new life to high fashion and developed all the attributes of a big leader.

The today worldwide known creator had since his youth a sense for tomorrow fashion. The best example is certainly the artgallery he opened at the age of twenty one, composed of Picasso’s painting or Braque’s which were completely unknown at the time but about to be the twentieth century main artists. Christian Dior knew how to define what can be scandalous today but trendy few months later. Thanks to this extraordinary visionary sense, the first models of less oppressive clothing for women, including the so shockingshort skirts, were born at the 30 avenue Montaigne in Paris in 1947. The name given of “New Look” given to the new creator’s collection style by the journalist of Harpers’ Bazaar, Carmel Snow, is the best proof that Dior had designed what would be fashion for decades. And that is what happened, being avant-gardist, the French creator has lead the world fashion for years.

But just as it was acomplete leader for his employees, he also had various facets as world fashion leader. Christian Dior was not only creative and inspiring, he also had a strong sense of experimentation. When we are nowadays living a very intense globalization, it is clear that he had once more a brilliant idea when he did not underestimate the United States potential (remember the beginning of fashion in New...
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