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Mobile Application Development

Module Title: Mobile Application Development
Module leader: Sally Smith
Submission: 12th November 2010


Introduction 3 Software Design 3 Use case 3 Activity diagramm 3 Software Description 4 Evaluation 7 References 7 Resources 7 Pictures 7 Code resource 7

My application’s name is Easy Cooking. It’s an application which permits a consultation fast and easy of some typical recipes. I choose to develop this application because I think it’s very useful, when you travel, when you are in your friend’s house or in your house, you don’t need a big cooking book. You always have your usual recipes on your mobile. Apple develops some applications like mine (all, Betty Crocker) I decide to make an easy and instinctive navigation to find rapidly the recipe that you search.
Software Design
Use case

Activity diagramm

Software Description
It is the main page with a list of all recipes, you can choose here, a recipe in the complete list, a search by type and, select a recipe and a search:

Search by type:

Search: You can type an ingredient or a recipe’s name or a recipe’s type.

If the result is null, an error message appear:

If the application finds one or some results you can select the recipe that you want:

And finally you view the recipe with it name, it type, it ingredients and it description:

My application it’s simpler than the original concept. ITunes propose some applications, one of them names iDelices which propose a consultation of original recipe. You can read the recipe, there are some meal’s pictures, iDelices calculates the ingredient’s quantity depending of the number of invited etc… Easy Cookink permit to consult the recipe with the ingredients and a description.
My interface is clear and simple, so the user’s navigation is easy.
There are some improvements that I can develop on my application. For example: *

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