Analysis of the turkish market for the opening of a subsidiary specialised in luxury clothes

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Problematic: Belgian Fashion Case

Profile of Turkey

Turkey id

Demographical environment

The territory of Turkey extends on 783 562.38 km² It has important metropolises under development: there exist a dozen metropolises of more than one million residents, with a strong demographic and economic growth. The requirements in infrastructures are numerous in these cities.Let us quote Istanbul (12.6 million), Ankara (4.5 million), Izmir (3.8 million), Bursa (2.5 million) and Adana (2 million).

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Age structure: 0-14 years: 27.2% (male : 10 701 631/female 10 223 260)
15-64 years: 66.7% (male 25,896,326/female 25,327,403)
65 years and over: 6.1% (male 2,130,360/female 2,526,544) (2010 est.)

The Turkish demographic structure shows us that the population is young and has been stabilized for a few years. However, fertility rate decrease (annexes). Consequently, the pyramid of ages evolves with an variation of about thirty years in the same way as the Europeanpyramidal structure.
Turkey on the whole counts 73 million inhabitants, of which a working population of 24.7 million people, which places it in volume at the fifth position of the European countries. The population of Turkey is young, which allowed a broad growth of labor and to hoist the country with the best classification in front of his competitors.

The distribution of labor on manydifferent sectors reflects the richness of the opportunities offered to the investors. The Turkish cost of labor is very competitive and the level of the wages remains lower than that of other countries.
The Turkish market of work is one of best in the world: the working labour are qualified, conscientious and are justified.
Turkey has a young and dynamic labor, whose Middle Age is 28.8 years. Theprofessional ethic is one of the key values of the Turkish culture of work. The conscientiousness of the Turks results in a raised productivity, a low level of absenteeism and a classification with the row of the countries of which the annual duration of work is highest in the world.

* Some figures:

Growth of the population (% annual) 2009 | 1.212202 |
Working population with a primaryeducation (% of the total) 2007 | 56 |
Working population with a secondary education (% of the total) 2007 | 21.9 |
Working population with a higher education (% of the total) 2007 | 13.1 |
Working population, total 2008 | 25762638 |
Rural population 2009 | 23088125.95 |
Urban population 2009 | 51727577.05 |
Urban population (% of the total) 2009 | 69.14 |
World Bank,, [on line], dowload data, last consultation date on the 15th of October 2010‏

Relationship between Belgium & Turkey

Market analysis and communication approach

1. Emerging market

2.1. Economic environment

Turkey is one of the greatest economies in the world. In fact turkey is a member of the OECD since 1960 and theG-20 major economies since 1999. Moreover, Turkey has the world's 15th largest GDP-PPP and 17th largest Nominal GDP. Turkey is the 16th worldwide economy and 6th economy of the European Union in 2009.
Turkey is one of the biggest producers of agricultural products textiles, motor vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment, construction materials, electronics and home appliances consumers.2.2.1. Country (the market size)

* The GDP

These two graphs demonstrate that the GDP is in constant evolution. This development has exploded at the end of 90’s up to 2008. In 2008 following the crisis, there was a decrease. However, according to various organizations such as the World Bank, this trend will reverse from 2010. Moreover, the decrease of the GDP was much...
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