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Renault Scenic

Renault needs to target active families to put its Scenic MPV back at number one in the sector.
IDS and BBC Magazines team up to create Scenic Days Out, incorporating ad-funded programming and a 36-page printed guide.
Awareness of Renault advertising and propensity to purchase is significantly higher among consumers who are aware of Scenic Days Out.
The Challenge
The Renault Scenic was relaunching in 2003 and it wanted to reach its target audience of active families and active upmarket grandparents. The aim was to regain the number one spot in the MPV sector.
It was looking for innovative ways to support the relaunch and communication channels that would allow it to emphasise the practical nature of the Scenic. It wanted to encourage families to get out more with the help of the new Scenic by giving them ideas to enjoy great days together.
Research showed that both UKTV viewers and BBC Magazine readers would be an ideal target. Not only did these groups include a high propensity to be young families or upmarket grandparents, they also liked going out for active days in the UK.
The TV Solution
Renault’s media agency Carat worked with ids and BBC Magazines to create a Scenic Days Out campaign. It included advertiser-funded programming, a special supplement distributed with magazine such as Radio Times, BBC History and Good Homes and promotion of the ad-funded shows in Radio Times listings with additional activity online and via the Renault dealer network.
The ad-funded programming consisted of 16, two-minute films detailing great days out. The films would be made by BBC Broadcast and broadcast on UKTV Gold, UKTV History and UKTV Style.
They would appeal to a wide cross section of interests including Chartwell House in Kent and Alnwick Castle, the movie home of Hogwarts School, as well as Eltham Palace in south London.
Product placement rules meant the Scenic didn’t feature in the two-minute shows but the sponsorship credits did show the

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