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1.Definition of corporate culture

Corporate culture is a process of development all along of its history.
It is the set of rules of an organization, shared values, common approach to problems andhow they should be conveyed. They may be written in a charter.
The corporate culture is the thing most shared and less formalized. It reflects all ways of thinking and acting, set of explicit rulesor implicit and the system of cohesion. (comme en français)
It is, in a sense, a under product of national culture and therefore a set of values, myths, rituals, taboos and symbols shared by themajority of employees. It is collective preferences, beliefs, standards that define how employees have to act and think.
More specifically, the values form the philosophy of the company. They establishprohibitions, taboos, the margins of freedom that should not be violated.

2.Components ou elements

History of the company : great men, founders, product evolution.

Rites : Actrepetitive who permit to demonstrate consensus

Symbols : It is the set of practise and image who represent company.

Values : Collectives preferences are necessary for the group.Collectives beliefs : General proposal on the working of group.

Myths : Reflect history of company, its success.

Standards : Specifics rules of behaviour who apply all the membersof group.

Taboo : unspoken

These components ou elements are of course not unique and the list should be adapt to the company and the country.

3.How born a corporate culture

Thediagram shows the various sources contributing to the emergence and evolution of the corporate culture.
That’s why the culture is what makes, each company is unic.

4.His role in the management of thecompany

The corporate culture plays a part in integration, motivation and feeling of membership (sentiment d’appartenance) at the company.
It unites staff around the name, products, services,...
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