Anglais : dissertation sur un film edward au mains d'argent

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Tim burton, 1990.

Edward Scissorshands is a fantasy film. Edward Scissorhands is not a common boy. Creation of an inventor, he received a heart to love, a brain to understand but his designer died before have been able to end his work and Edward meets himself with blades of metal and instruments sharp edges by way of fingers. He lived alone in a castle cut besides by the world. A beautiful day, Peg Boggs, a representative in cosmetics, discovers the young man and invites him to live in her home.

Edward's role is played by Johnny Depp, the actor signs here one of his best role! Other actors are Winona Ryder (Kim Boggs), Dianne Wiest (Peg Boggs) or still Vincent Price (The inventor).

But under fairy's tale is outlined a serious portrait of " American way of life " and its conformity. The town in colors pastel (caricature of suburbs " middle class ") shows itself sectarian and locked into its prejudices. Beautiful lesson of tolerance on the respect for the difference, Tim Burton signs here a leader of work who criticizes the refusal of the difference and the difficulty becoming integrated!

The main subject is the difference, taken back by Frankenstein, but treated in a little bit different, more modern way. The inhabitants are not frightened by Edward, the time of the fears is spent, safe for a person, seeing in Edward the devil. On the other hand, they are not still capable of understanding him nor of being really interested in him. They are especially middle-classes, artificial, trying to take advantage of him without interest by his personality. It is nevertheless the man who remains completely to discover: very wise, he has never lived in society and has no experience of life (what gives the opportunity to Burton to deliver some successful funny scenes). He never expresses himself, never announces his feelings, what does not nevertheless mean that it lacks it, as proves him its comportment, its glance and the evident but silent

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