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1) Tell me about yourself ?
I am 23 years old. I have two little brothers and little sister. I'm single and I live in SETE with my family. I crossed (spent) all myschool career at IUP on Narbonne where I obtained a secondary master law (right) of the real estate and the town planning. Attracted by the construction field, I decide tocandidate for construction project manager in your company.

2) You're already done this kind of work?
As part of my studies, I was work experience in many real estateagencies as(is that) assistant negotiator and assistant director Rental but never as construction project manager. But the theoretical knowledge gained/learned at IUP willallow me to be operational soon.

3) What are your strengths and Weaknesses?

I think having easy contact. Anyway, when I am in society, I have no problem to makefriends with people I do not know.
I am conscious. I like the job is well done and if need be, I devote the necessary time to leave work a little later in the evening.Versatility is my main quality. I love discovering new things and diversify my horizon.
I still lack insurance but I think my shyness is due to my lack of experience. In fact,when I start to feel good in a group, I am able to get involved and make suggestions.

4) Why you are applying for this position?
I'm an enthusiast. I have goodcommunication and negotiation skills. I have the ability to work well with other. In spite of my lack of experience I fell able to lead a team and responsibilities and stress donot scare me. All qualities that are necessary to perform this job.

5) How do you change your career?

With experience, I would like become a freelance consultant.
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