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Household waste = Domestic waste = Rubbish, garbage, trash, refuse.
If you don’t recycle your old electronic equipment, the toxic metals will pollute the soil and consequently the ground water, thus being responsible for poisoning people, damaging their health.
In China farmers burn the metals or they use acids to melt the metals. They might catch cancers or miscarriages.
The article highlights/stresses/emphasizes/underlines the impact of electronic devices on the environment and on the human health. When you buy an electronic device, you are indirectly poisoning or killing people in developing countries, seriously putting their health at stake/in jeopardy.
Sony & Apple have promised to adopt more environment friendly/sustainable practices.
Greenpeace has decided to make a comic strip which is supposed to be funny, entertaining but about a serious issue namely a nuclear power station in Indonesia which sounds quite paradoxical.
Smart = Elegant or clever.
The words ending in –ate are stressed on the second syllable before –ate.
The comic strip is about two teenagers in Indonesia who decide to travel time and go back in year 2009 in order to rescue Indonesia from the nuclear explosion that has devastated their country in the future thanks to a time machine.
The comic strip aims to protest against the plans of the government which are to build a nuclear station.
The comic strip is to make young people aware of the dangers of the nuclear power. It targets young people and aims to make them demonstrate/march against the use of nuclear energy.
According to Greenpeace, geothermal, solar, wind, water energies should be promoted/developed.
Pronuclear people argue that the nuclear power is safe, not hazardous.

Renewable energy
Solar photovoltaic panels.
A wind mill
A dam, a pump
To drill
Angry = Indignant, outraged.
It’s a shame/pity.
If only S + had + ppé
S1 wish S2 + had + ppé
S should + have + ppé
Consumers should not have bought

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