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rticle anglaisNew media marketing gains ground
Jameson Berkow
Financial Post
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1 novembre 2010
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TORONTO - Thesocial networking phenomenon has changed more than just the way people interact with one another. According to Steve Levy of market research firm Ipsos Reid Canada, the rise of Facebook, Twitter and otherdigital media has also dramatically and permanently altered the way businesses interact with clients and customers as well.
"A lot more companies in 2010 have put their toe in the water and tried newand different things in [digital marketing]," said the president of Canadian market research for Ipsos Reid. "And specifically in social media."
As part of a Digital Day conference being heldTuesday in Toronto, Ipsos Reid is releasing a study it conducted in October on the rise of digital media-based marketing campaigns. Having tracked the growth of digital marketing for five years, Mr. Levyfound 2010 was the year new media marketing really broke out of its shell.
Mr. Levy found that until this year the organizations the Canadian marketing community had broadly associated with beingheavily involved in digital marketing all tended to be technology companies.
"Apple was there, Google was there and Amazon was always there, but this year that has really changed," Mr. Levy said. "Anumber of the key companies that appeared on that list now are consumer packaged goods companies, they are Coca Cola and Procter &Gamble and those are the companies that tend to spend a lot of money inthe marketing arena," he said.
That's a sign digital marketing is becoming more mainstream, argues Mr. Levy. "Last year 20% of [Canadian] marketers said they were using social media a lot, but thisyear that number is 47%," said Mr. Levy. "So double the number of companies we've spoken to are engaged in using social sites such as Facebook."
Marketing through social networks such as Facebook,...
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