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Chapter n° 1 : The revelance of buddhism, confucius, Toaism, Shinto and Hunduism on asia behaviour

1- The princip of buddhism
2- Confucius wisdom : the step to a humanist society
3- Taoism an THE WAY
4- Shinto : The spirit of Japon
5- Hinduism The indian soul
6- The asian commercial practice and style of communication I- The principe of Buddhism

Buddha means awakened and unlightenment and wise men. But his disciples call him MASTER. During his final reincarnation into our world Sidharta GAUTAMA ( 563 until 453 b.c ) optains the perfect knowledge and becomes buddha. For buddhist this wisemen is not the only one to have reached unlightenment because other have done before him and other will follow him.
Buddhism is not articulated around an idea of a god. But it does not deny the existence pf a god. Because it'd principle is that everyone can become Buddha since the direct personnel experience is the main engine. This human situation is supreme because we are today what we were yesterday and we will be tomorrow what we are today. It is the Dharma doctrine. This doctrine relise on the resoring and the experience of each person. In fact it is the way to innorpeace and inside inlightenment it is tolerance. The objective of every buddhist is to become inlightened therefor to reach nirvana. The heart of the buddhist principles is the four noble truth and the eight fold paths. Two other concepts SAMSARA and KARMA are esential. SAMSARA is the perpetical life cycle when we die we we reincarnated. Karma represents all actions in our life which can be positive or negative according to the good or the evil. Three citations : SAC SAC KHONG KHONG KHONG KHONG SAC SAC ==> everything is illusion and illusion is illusionary. KHI THINH THI CHO KHI CHO THI THINH ==> when we are rich we give when we give we become prosperious. KHONG THAM SAN SI TU BI HY XA ==> ne pas être avide ne pas être coléreux ne pas être naïf être passioné être

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