Au temps de shakespeare

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Wednesday, January 18 th 593, London
Today is going to be legendary ! What a good new to begin a new year ? Let me relate you what happen this afternoom, when I iwas walking around the centre of London. You certainly know that all the theatres are closed because of the deep, as ordered Mister Tilney, who is in charge of all performances of the town, in the name of Queen Elizabeth.That’s why, the Lord chamberlain’s men, and William Shakespere himself , are going to go on the rounds, all around England, in provincial towns, to act the lovely play Romeo and Juliet. So they need some workforce, and guess what ? They chose me as the new cwardrobe master of the group. So next week I’ll leave London for the amazing city of Oxford. There are lots of things to do before the departure, theactors to meet, the trying on and then all the costumes to pack, but... I cant wait !

Tuesday, January 24th 1593, London
Everything is finally ready for the journey. The last week was exhausted but I did it, and each actor has exactly the perfect costume for the character he plays. The players rehearsed nights and days in order to be the best actors ever seen in England I’m a little bitjalous of Juliet’s dresse, it is wonderful, and red and long, with lot of laces and embroideries. But I have to admet that Burbage who plays her part is ridicoulus with it. According to me he is, all the same, a lucky one as he kisses the marvellous Will, who plays Romeo... I envy him !

Thursday, January 26th 1593, Oxford
God, I’m so tired ! Yesterday, we travelled all the morning. Imagin thisactor’s caravan, with the carts, and the noise, Everybody was singing, chatting, running from a cart to another. The other costume designer and I had to finish the last details on the costumes, as we were shaking around by the trot of the horses, and the holes of the wall . Indeed, when we arrived, in the beginning of the afternoom, the actors had to rehearse, again and again until it was perfect.From my point of view, I discovered a theatre, for the first time of my life. With the eyes of a child, I was amazed by the platform stage, within the circular building, made of red brick and plaster. I visited the wardrobe, with all the props and the settings, and the wings. Will showed me the “”Hut”, which is the machine for lowering gods to the stage and explained to me that the audience willbe more than sixty feet away from him, when he’ll pronounced his soliquoly, who staid in the galeries or standing in the yard... He is so adorable. Am I going to fall in love with him ?!
During the performance, I staid from the wings, to gave the right props to the enterrng actors on the stage. I was so nervous, but everything was ok, and the audience loved the play. At the end, after Julietstarbbed herself, the spectators clapped enthusiastically.

Monday, January 31st 1593, Cambridge
After the sucess of the Men in Oxford, and two days of road we arrived in Cambridge. What a beautiful city which is well known all around England for its university. Unfortunatly, one of the technician fell sick. That’s why I had more work in order to help the actors. Last nigt, during the play, Ikept running from the “Hells” to the wings, from the wings to the wardrobe, passing by the stage trap. I wasn’t able to enjoy the play, but who cares ? I know it by heart now. At the end of the representation, Will came and thanked me for helping everybody. Then, we had a walk on the moonlight, just the two of us, and he told me about the feeling to be on the stage : a feeling of scare andexcitement at the same time. He spock about his will to think, to see, to be like the character he plays. They have to be liked by the audience, they have to be liked by the Queen. He is passionate and unputdownable. That’s so unfair that wowen are not allowed to play, it looks like a dream. I hope that dream will come true than day, and that I would play Juliet’s part... If Will is my Romeo !...
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