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*Nazim: Hello, let's introduce ourselves. We are three health inspectors of United Health London Investigations. My name is Wayne, and my colleagues are John and Steven. We have done an investigation about the life conditions in London during the Victorian period . During three weeks, we made the ballot of London looking for proves.

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*Ashraf: The queen

To begin we remind you some informations about our Queen. Queen Victoria is born the 24 th of May 1819. she is daughter of prince Edward Augustus the 20th of June 1837 , Queen Victoria took the throne after the death of her uncle Wiliam 4. Due to her secluded childhood , she displayed her personnality marked by strong prejudicies and willfull stubbornes.on February 10th, 1840. Only three years taking the trone , Victoria took her first vow and married her cousin, Prince Albert. Due to the industrial revolution, the victorian area is symbolised by huge socials and economics changes . Since 1876, she is imperess of India. Thanks to her, Great Britain is conquering lots of territories all around the world. Nevertheless , we saw that the population is suffering a lot due to bad living conditions cause of the ignorance of the Queen. That's why we want to show you the real life in London's streets and to proove everyone that there are very big problems today in our country !

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*Simon: Nowadays, Great Britain knows a high demographic growth rate, which lead inevitably to the damage of the old living districts where jamed in the poorest population, and in the construction of very cheap rudimentary housing.
At the beggining of it, when the urban transports were still not developped, the solution which suit the best the industrial was to supply rudimentary shepplers the nearest of the industrial production centers.
The most sinister example is the construction of the « back to back housing »,as we saw in London's streets with Wayne and John.

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