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Proposition de correction Anglais 2009 filières S et ES

1) Alex is Victoria’s son. Algy is Philly Bingham’s husband. Connor is Nancy’s son. Hayden is Nancy’s husband. Rufus isPhilly Bingham’s son. 2) Alex, Connor and Rufus get to know each other because they are in the same class. 3) The scene takes place in Nancy’s house, in London, United Kingdom. 4) Nancy used to live inDallas, in the United States. She has been living in London for only six months. 5) Nancy’s home is fully furnished with luxurious items, such as a home cinema, or mahogany furniture, and provides bigrooms (ex: “enormous bedroom” line 6). This implies that the Masters are wealthy people since they can afford all those items. 6) a) Nancy’s husband works a lot: he generally goes to work at 6 in themorning and comes back home at 8 pm. b) Nancy insists on the word “morning” because Philly Bingham believed that Hayden generally comes back from his work at 6 in the evening. 7) Nancy takes care ofher husband’s health by keeping an eye on his diet, preventing him from drinking alcohol during the week and making him do sports at the week-end. 8) By thinking this, Victoria certainly means thatshe finds Hayden’s life boring. She thinks he works too much to enjoy the pleasures of life and spend time doing things he likes. Moreover,

she certainly insinuates that Nancy regulates his life toomuch since she imposes him many life’s rules, which doubtlessly makes his life too strict and not funny. 9) It seems that Nancy has not really adopted yet the English way of life. She actually seemsto miss all the habits she had in the United States since she wants to be dealing with American people exclusively and keeps her accent and American idiomatic expressions. - She had “located theAmerican Library” - She had “signed on with an American doctor” - She wished she would have put Connor in a “US school” - She said “aliens”, an “American term”. 10) a) Ute is Nancy’s au pair and Consuela...
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