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Giving your opinion

I agree (with …) I disagree (with…)
You are right You are wrong
It’s a good idea to…. It’s not a good idea to…..
I think
I believe
I’m sure

To join different arguments

Explaining Concluding Contrasting Adding Conceding
as So
As a result ButHowever
Instead of And
In addition After all

Give your opinion about the following things:

Buying products oninternet
Buying brand name clothes rather than others
Paying large salaries to footballers
Leaving school early to work

Choose the correct word to link thesesentences:

There are small shops near their home (because/but) they don’t buy a lot there.
They prefer going to the supermarket (as/however) it’s less expensive.
The supermarketis 2 kms from their home (therefore/moreover) they take the bus to go shopping.
At the supermarket they can buy food. (As a result/in addition) they sometimes purchaseclothes or other goods.
(However/besides) the supermarket salespeople are not very friendly.

Use instead of to link these sentences:

Ex I shouldn’t spend a lot. I shouldsave my money. Instead of spending a lot, I should save my money

I can pay by credit card. I mustn’t pay cash.
I should buy in the sales on-line. I shouldn’t go to theshops where it’s crowded.
I don’t like going to different shops for one special product. I prefer searching for it on the net.
I should save on shipping charges. I musn’t orderonly one item.

Give your opinion about buying on internet

In my opinion, buying on internet is:

Use the words: because; however; I think; moreover; as a result
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