Binge drinking

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An overview of Binge drinking
Definition of terms
"Binge drinking" is an occasional, excessive consumption of alcohol which has the other purposes only the drunkenness.
But what is really in "binge drinking"? It is commonly use a single occasion of ten or more drinks for men and seven or more drinks for women. But the debate continues on the definition of this mode of consumption also knownunder the term acute alcohol intoxication.
Known also under names of "biture express", the binge drinking is a mode of consumption which consists in absorbing a big quantity of alcohol in a short lapse of time; the main objective being to be drunk as fast as possible …
The term "opportunity" is not precisely defined. It may be a short episode as well as an evening, a meal or a night in a box solong enough (several hours).
The phenomenon of binge drinking can be likened for one person affected by chronic alcoholism: the alcohol consumption is occasional but extreme and uncontrollable.
Répandu dans les pays anglo-saxons, le "binge drinking" est une consommation occasionnelle, excessive d’alcool qui n’a d’autres buts que l’ivresse.
Mais qu’entend-on réellement par "binge drinking" ?C’est généralement la consommation en une seule occasion de 10 verres ou plus pour les hommes et de 7 verres ou plus pour les femmes. Mais le débat continue sur la définition de ce mode de consommation aussi connue sous le terme l'intoxication d'alcool aiguë.
Connu aussi sous le nom de « biture express », le binge drinking est un mode de consommation qui consiste à absorber une grande quantitéd'alcool dans un court laps de temps ; l'objectif principal étant d'être ivre le plus rapidement possible…
Le terme «occasion» n’est pas précisément défini. Il peut s’agir d’un épisode bref tout aussi bien que d’une soirée, d’un repas ou encore d’une nuit en boîte donc d’une durée assez longue (plusieurs heures).
Le phénomène de binge drinking peut être assimilé à une personne atteint d’alcoolismechronique : la consommation d’alcool est épisodique mais extrême et incontrôlable.
The Origin and nature of the phenomenon
The binge drinking comes from Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries. It is considered as a major problem of public health: it is especially because of "Happy-Hours" which allow to drink during a cheaper and limited time. Furthermore, it is maybe because of the prince «drink ordrive ": when it is your tour not to drive, then you drink and many.
In the majority of countries, this phenomenon is essentially male, so as Denmark, in Finland and especially as the United Kingdom (where the girls are more numerous to get drunk than the boys).
Youth has developed many excuses to booze as drinking games and the problems of excessive energy use are not well taken seriously, andeven more today because social pressure makes "socially acceptable" practice.
For some doctors, it is rather a situation of distress in adolescents. The entertainment value of the phenomenon attracts young among students without attending to the physical consequences.
What motivates young people to eat this way?
Apart from finding that intoxication causes alcohol, seeking extreme thrills, thisconsumption may be due to pressure from increasingly large school, university and when we speak of professional future, young people want to "decompress" and escape ... to oblivion.
Apart from the distress, cultural reasons may be the cause. Indeed, alcohol is rooted in families and is not to be parents. That is why there is a lack of warning from the adults.
Finally, alcohol may be seen byyoung people as an aid to dialogue face to face. They feel that alcohol allows better socialization.
Le binge drinking vient des pays anglo-saxons et scandinaves. Il est considéré comme un problème majeur de santé publique : cela est surtout à cause des « Happy-Hours » qui permettent de boire pendant un temps limité et moins cher. De plus, c’est peut-être à cause du principe « drink or...
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