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Fashion Valley
7057 Friars road
San Diego, CA 92108
From February 15th to May 28th


Before starting the writing process of my internship report, I would particularly like to thank my main co-workers:

* Kathleen Fogarty, my human resources manager, for hiring me and introducing me to the store team.
* Evelyn Regaliza, the human resources administrator, forhelping me with my missions and making me laugh with all her funny stories.
* All the store team for its kindness and for understanding my French accent. Every person I met during this internship was exceptional.

Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley, San Diego

Thank you Speech2
Introduction 5
Description of the company
I. Overview of the company
A. What is the organization’s vision and mission? 6
B. Define and assess the organization’s strategy6
C. Identify Bloomingdale’s customers and competitors
1. The Bloomingdale’s Customer 6
2. The main competitors 6
D. Key Data aboutBloomingdale’s 7
II. Describe how the firm is organized
A. Note the formal structure 8
B. Organization’s chart8
III. Leadership Style
A. Who are the organization’s heroes? 8
B. Describe the motivational environment 9
C. Assess the effectiveness of the organizational communications 9
Internship ActivitiesI. Recruitment 10
II. Training 10
III. HR Communications11
Personal Thoughts
I. Educational Values 13
II. Relationship to classroom experience 14
III. Working in US companies14
Conclusion 15
References 16
I. Organization’s chart
II. PowerPoint Presentation
III. Internship reports
Internship report 1
Internship report 2
Internship report 3
Internship report 4
Internship report 5
Internship report 6


Bloomingdale’s is a luxury store created in 1872 by the two...
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