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1. 1) Introduction

2. 2) The founder : Anita Roddick

3. 3) The Body Shop idea and the branding ethics

4. 4) The Brand’s missions and its positioning

5. 5) The future

6.6) Conslusion


1) Introduction

The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. The worldwide annual expenditures for cosmetics is estimated at U.S.$18 billion. There is a strong competition in this industry all over the world. To compete and obtain a competitive advantage, companies have to invest a lot. They always have to innovate, to invest inadvertising campaign in order to be known and to be successful. The body shop decided to be different, their products are natural, it is an ethical organisation, associated with environmentalfriendliness.

2) The founder : Anita Roddick

Anita Roddick opened the first, tiny body shop in a cobbled back street in Brighton, England in 1976. The roof leaked and the ugly unpainted walls werecovered with green garden lattice primarily because it was cheap. The shop had lots of pine shelves but stocked only 25 different handmade body care products( natural cosmetics, herbal creams and shampoos) sold in simple packaging. Since then the body shop has become a multinational company with a shop in every high street, the chain offers a range of over 1,000 naturally inspired skin and hair careproducts and has developed into an international group with 2,133 stores in 54 countries across the globe.

3) The Body Shop idea and the branding ethics

The Body Shop is one of most famous brandsin the world, noted for its range of naturally inspired skin and hair care products and ethical values.

The aim of the founders (Anita Roddick and her husband) was to make the world a better placeto live by returning more than they get to society. They believed that just to pursue profit without having principles should be avoided. Their management principles were environmental protection,...
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