Brand strategies

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Robin Darblade-Pounit

10 May 2010

1) Brand positioning and values

A: What is the process of brand positioning?

Brand positioning is at the heart of marketing strategy. The main process of it is identifying the consumer target. Brand positioning also supposes to market segmentation by dividing the market into distinct groups of homogenous consumers. Furthermore it is important to define the nature of competition. Brand positioning consists in “designing the company’s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s mind”. In other word the aim of a good positioning is to convince consumers of the advantages or points of differences a brand has over competitors, and also at the same time delete worries and concerns about any possible weakness by establishing points of parity. It is also interesting to notice that positioning usually permit to specify the best core brand associations and brand mantra. The core brand associations define attributes and benefits that best characterize a brand. Brand mantra represents the brand essence; it is a short three to five words or expressions which represent the most important aspects of a brand, so the brand mantra has to be coordinate with the brand values of the brand.

B. Pick a brand. Design its core brand values and brand mantra.

Eastpak brand values: ▪ Build to resist ▪ Authentic ▪ Iconic ▪ Reliable ▪ 30 years warranty

Eastpak brand mantra: ▪ Style ▪ Toughness ▪ Functionality ▪ Handmade (Strong Resistance) ▪ Life is an adventure C. Pick a category basically dominated by two main brands. Evaluate the positioning of each brand. Who are their target markets? What are their main points of parity and points of difference? Have they defined their

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