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Introduction: 76 million pets take every year the plane in the United States, that is 1/3 of what represents the American population! These pets travel in more or less comfortable conditionsespecially when they are in hold.

1. The founders of the company
The founders: It is in front of this report that Binder and Wiesel, an American couple, had the idea in 2005 to create air connectionsonly dedicated to pets. They called it Pet Airways.
The company:
The classic airline companies don’t allow the transport of all the animals and the offered services are very limited. Contrary tothese classic airline companies, Pet Airways organize scheduled flights where cats and dogs will not be treated as luggage but will travel in cabin (in their cage all the same). Pet Airways guaranteesthat the journey will be made in clement temperatures, the heat of the hold can be fatal to certain races.

2. Which passengers for which flights?
The passengers: Passengers could be dogs or catsand for each flight the number of passengers can’t exceed 50 passengers.
The flights: Pet Airways insures the connection between 5 American big cities: New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver and LosAngeles for minimum 175 €. A big cat travelling from Washington to Los Angeles can cost more than 600 dollars!

It’s not really cheap so what can explain this price?

3. For what services?
Forthis price, animals are escorted up to the plane, and are watched every 15 minutes by the staff.
They also have a stroll of pre-boarding and they have breaks to go to the toilets.
In everyairport, animals have a "Pet Lounge" where they can rest before travelling.
Everything is thought for the well-being of the passengers. For example, during a flight New York - Los Angeles which lasts 24hours, animals stop in Chicago for a walk and then a dinner. They have even a couchette for night.
Animals find their masters in the 15 minutes after the landing, these last ones can follow the...
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