British airways

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British Airways France

1. Activities
* History
* Information
* Organization
* Flights between France and England

2. Finance
* SWOT analysis
* Financial analysis
* Merger and Joint-venture
* World crisis and reactions
* The fight against low cost airlines in France
* Invests
* Marketing

3. Ethics
* Disabilityassistance and firing
* Tackling climate change impacts

Before 1974, there were two companies in UK: the British Overseas Airways Corporation and the British European Airways Corporation which shared the civil aviation market. In 1974, the government formed the British airways to control the activities of the two companies.
In 1976, with Air France, British Airways inaugurates the firstsupersonic trip with the Concorde on a London-Bahrain trip. The first trip to USA has gone to Washington in 1977. The last route was done in 2003 because of a crash in Paris in 2000.
In 1981, the company was privatized and floated in 1987 on the London Stock Exchange.
Since 1984, an intense fight between BA and Virgin Atlantic Airways concluded on a £610,000 penalty for BA due to a dirty campaignagainst Virgin Atlantic.
In September 1998, with American Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways and Qantas, British Airways created OneWorld, an alliance between those airlines.
In January 2008, BA open a new subsidiary, OpenSkies, a 100% business class airline between London or Paris and New York or Washington.
In 2010, BA concluded its merger with Iberia.

British Airways use toonly have Boeing planes but now the airline decided to have the same part of Airbus and Boeing planes. The company has about 250 planes.
British Airways transport about 33 million passengers on 155 destinations. In France, British Airways transport 1 million passengers.
In France British Airways represent 3% of the aerial traffic and 50% of the Paris-London Trip.
British Airways is consideredas one of the best world airlines. It is the world leader on first and business class. Moreover, British airways was the first airline to introduce an Economic Premium class, between economic and business class. At the beginning it was considered as madness but it is now proved that it was a good idea that let British Airways be the leader by far on economic premium classes.

We can easily saythat British Airways contribute to improve the general level of planes quality because the airline has impose some innovation taken later by the other airline like the 180°-Tilting bed, now used by Singapore and Emirates…

Flights between France and England
There are eleven flights between Paris and London Heathrow each day. The goal is to fight the Eurostar market that represents 70per cent of the French market.
From January 10th of 2011, British Airways will launch two everyday life flights, from Orly West to Heathrow, London Airport. The company has adapted their schedules in order to let French businessmen do a one-day trip, they are able to go to London, just for a meeting and come back the evening. There is one morning flight and one evening return.

From RoissyCharles de Gaulle, British Airways propose nine flights to Heathrow all day long, on the schedules where the traffic reaches a peak. Moreover, flights are programed for passengers to let them have a correspondence to the British Airways’ world destination.

There are also three connections between Toulouse and London. The idea is the same as a Trip from Orly. Passengers are able to go to London withthe 7.35 a.m flight from Toulouse, arriving at 8.35 a.m. They can come back with the evening flight which arrives in Toulouse at 9.30 p.m by the last plane. The concept is to let them work in London for one day. This is a good opportunity for companies which don’t want to pay a hostel night for their employees.

Two flights are available between Marseille and London Gatwick, an airport...
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