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Correspondance commerciale ANGLAIS

Réclamation du client

Réclamation : demande de remise pour incohérence de la commande

Sender’s address (expéditeur)


Addressee (destinataire)

For the Attention of the sales manager

Dear Sir,

Letter of complaint

I would like to inform you that our company had placed an order for 10 boxes of 20 sides of smoked Salmon on your website.
When I placed the order on your website, I ticket the “1 kg” box among the approximate weights of 1,2 or 3 kg per side, featured (présenté) on the order form.
We have just received our order, we wanted to draw your attention to the fact that of the 10 boxes of 20 sides, 9 boxes actually contain sides of 1 kg but in the last one the sides weight 3 kg which does not tally (correspondre) with our order.
It is difficult for us to send back a fresh product with a sell-by-date.
Moreover, 3 kg sides are not attracting enough to the type of customer we cater for (preparer).

Under these circumstances, we suggest that we keep the box and sell the sides at particularly attractive promotional price. We are expecting a special offer on your part. I would suggest a price slightly similar to the 1 kg sides, namely (à savoir) 23 euros per sides.

We are looking forward to a positive reply and doing further business with you in the future.

Yours faithfully

(signature) forename (prénom), Name

Réclamation: livraison incomplète et retardée

We acknowledge receipt of the goods we ordered in/from your company on the first February 2003.
I regret to inform you/ to tell you/ We would like to complain about that we are completely dissatisfied with both the goods and the service we have received.

Firstly, we had specified when we placed the order that the goods should reach us at the latest (on the) 30th of March.
We only received the delivery yesterday and this delay has caused us a serious inconvenience.
Besides, we have ordered 50 notebooks and only 30 have been

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