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The Four Wheel
I. Presentation 4x4

In general, all the wheels of a car off-road engine are. By extension, this type of vehicle is often called four-four, in the case of a car with four-wheel drive models. But some all-terrain car may also have only two wheel drive buggies in the case of six or eight wheel drive truck for some all-terrain cars may be civilian SUVs, pick-ups. In the military field, there are also trucks and vans, as well as battle tanks. II. History and types of 4x4 (SUV, Pick Up)

• Historical

It was during first World Wars as we have seen the emergence of the first 4x4 in the military. Or it has exploited the efficiency of the four wheel drive with the need for cars to have better traction than a mere transmission two-wheel drive standard to facilitate progress in difficult terrain, and the angles attack and fall in favor of progress in a difficult environment. One such example was the famous Willys Jeep, American Truck Cars U.S., which emerged during the Second World War, and plays a leading role in all-terrain vehicles, both military and civilians. After the war, all-terrain vehicles have spread into the civilian sector for specific uses or utilities in developing countries whose road network comprised of many trails or roads in poor condition. In the 1980s, a type of motor vehicle off-road recreational use was first developed in the United States as the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) then came in the 1990s in Europe. These vehicles have mostly lost their vocation for all-terrain often settle for a mere possibility of off-road, but with the comforts and facilities are similar to those of high-end sedans. • SUV

SUV are mainly characterized by their shape hatchback, inspired breaks, their great height and volume. Compared to other cars of similar size, space is often very large, and both can transport objects large enough or family travel, like a minivan. Some SUVs, like their ancestors-terrain capabilities have

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