Busness plan restaurant allemand implanter en lettonie

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Business Plan


Bavarian Schnitzelhaus

Lionel Souvignet (France)
Jevgēnijs Kokors (Latvia)
Silvester Kutsch (Germany)
Kirils Maskalevičs (Latvia)
Christian Nord (Luxembourg)
Michael Rasmussen (Denmark)
Lukas Riediger (Germany)



Description of individual engagement 3

1. Executive Summary 1

2. Company description 2
2.1. Mission, Goals, Values,Visions 2
2.2. Products/Services 2
2.3. Legal status and ownership 5
2.4. Key partnerships 5

3. Industry analysis 6
3.1. Size, growth, sales 6
3.2. Industry structure 9
3.3. Nature of participants 10
3.4. Competitor analysis 11
3.5. Key success factors 12
3.6. Industry trends and long-term perspectives 13
3.7. Traditions in given area 13

4. Marketing Analysis and Marketing Plan 144.1. Segmentation, target market selection 14
4.2. Buyer behavior 15
4.3. Overall marketing strategy 17
4.4. 4 P’s (product, place, price, promotion) 18

5. Management Team and Company Structure 27
5.1. Management team 27
5.2. Board of directors 27
5.3. Company structure (organigram) 28

6. Operations Plan 30
6.1. General approach to operations 30
6.2. Business location 34
6.3.Facilities and Equipment 35

7. Financial Projections 36
7.1. Sources and uses of Funds Statement 36
7.2. Assumptions sheet 37
7.3. Projections for Financial Statements 39
7.4. Projected ratios 39

Conclusion 41

List of sources 42

Description of individual engagement

• Executive summary: Lukas Riediger
• Company description: Lionel Souvignet, Jevgēnijs Kokors, Silverster Kutsch,Kirils Maskalevičs, Christian Nord, Michael Rasmussen, Lukas Riediger
• Industry analysis:
o Size, growth, sales: Jevgēnijs Kokors
o Industry structure: Michael Rasmussen
o Nature of participants: Silvester Kutsch
o Competitor analysis: Lionel Souvignet, Lukas Riediger
o Key success factors: Lukas Riediger
o Industry trends andlong-term perspectives: Christian Nord
o Traditions in given area: Kirils Maskalevičs
• Market analysis and marketing plan:
o Segmentation, target market selection: Jevgēnijs Kokors, Kirils Maskalevičs
o Buyer behavior: Jevgēnijs Kokors, Kirils Maskalevičs, Michael Rasmussen
o Overall marketing strategy: Lionel Souvignet, Christian Nord
o 4 P’s:Lukas Riediger
• Management team and company structure: Lukas Riediger
• Operations plan:
o General approach to operations: Silvester Kutsch
o Business location: Jevgēnijs Kokors, Kirils Maskalevičs
o Facilities and equipment: Lionel Souvignet, Christian Nord
• Financial projections: Silvester Kutsch, (Lukas Riediger)
• Conclusion: Lukas Riediger• Logo: Jevgēnijs Kokors
• Layout, formatting, consolidation: Lukas Riediger

Executive Summary

We want to establish a German restaurant, called “Bavarian Schnitzelhaus”.
For us it is really important not only to serve German food and beer, but also to create a warm and friendly German atmosphere and to bring the spirit of Germany to Latvia. Therefore our vision is to become ameeting-place for the whole family and everyone, for locals as well as for tourists.
Our core offer is serving German food, alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. In addition to that our actual service is creating a friendly German atmosphere and offering live-music, special activities and television.
The legal status of our restaurant is a limited liability company, or as we are in Latvia aSIA. All seven of us are owners of the restaurants, but only two of us are operating the business.
To increase the profitability of our business we want to establish partnerships to German breweries, food suppliers, tourist guides and German organizations in Riga.
If you are analyzing the industry, you can see that on the one hand the turnover of the restaurants in Latvia decreased since the end...
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