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Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald was born April 25, 1917 at Newport New in Virginia. She was raised near New York. Her mom worked in a laundry, and her dad left soon after she was born. Her dream was to become a dancer.
Ella started to sing at the age of 16 years old, in 1934 at a theatre called Apollo of Harlem in New York. She started her solo career in 1941. At first, she sang swing, she also deals with the bebop, the queen of scat; a form of vocal improvisation where onomatopoeia are used rather than words, she also played blues etc.. Her concerts are often incorporated with imitations of other signers like; Rose Murphy and Louis Armstrong.
Ella Fitzgerald was known with the nickname of The First Lady of Song, she won a lot of awards, and in fact she won thirteen Grammy Awards. She died June 15, 1996 at Beverly Hills. She was one of the most important jazz singers.

Ella Fitzgerald Style

Image 1

Description 1

This is a black and white picture. She is wearing a long and very elegant black dress; there are a lot of small details on this dress, we can see that the fabric has small zigzags of payettes and the roses on her left shoulder. For accessories, she is wearing ``armlets`` that have the same fabric as her dress, she wears also a necklace and a pair of earrings. Her hair style is very classic, for a jazz singer, it is all up and has a lot of volume on the top of her head. Her make-up is very simple and natural; she has natural skin color, mascara, blush and a nice red lipstick. We can’t see her shoes, but usually jazz singer will wear small pointy, hi hill shoes.

Image 2

Description 2

There is a red, elegant dress, we don’t see the length of that dress, but we all know that jazz singers while performing are always wearing a long dress. Her dress is a classic; the neckline is low and in a V shape that continue to her shoulder. She isn’t wearing a necklace because she already has beads on the neckline of her dress. But for

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