Carnets de naufrage

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The Godfather

In Manhattan, New York at the Toxico Club, Alfonso Arturo was facing Antonio Alberto, the New York mafia godfather, to whom he borrowed 100’000$ to finance its ownproven business of drug dealer in Brooklyn neighborhoods. Five guars are surrounding Antonio as Alfonso is sitting in a chair smoking his pipe.

Antonio Alberto: Here we are Mr. Arturo, it’s timefor you to pay me back my 100’000$ that you borrowed me last month…pfffff…oouuuu (Smoking sounds)

Alfonso Arturo (scared,looking down): Yess, sir I know, but you know…one of my generals got arrestedlast week and all the money that he collected for me has been took by the NYPD. I can only give you 25% of the money today. I need a little bit more time to collect the rest of the money

AntonioAlberto:(Smoking sounds again) Mr. Alfonso, you passed a contract with me which said that you have to give me back today, the double of the money that you asked me last month,(becoming a little bit moreangry)but right now, you’re not respecting the terms of our contract … I want my money Mr. Arturo !

Alfonso Arturo: …And you’ll get it, but just give me a little bit more time, please…

AntonioAlberto: SHUT UP! I’m talking… (Calming down) ammhhhh…you know, there was a time when people use to killed and beat those who didn’t respect their contracts. I don’t know why, they abandon thiswonderful way to make the world a place that people respect their contracts and respect each other.

Alfonso Arturo: (looking subtlety to the guards ...)

Antonio Alberto: …And now you’ll disrespect meif you’re not respecting our contract. I have no choice Mr. Arturo, I guess, that I’m obligate to show you the meaning of the word ‘’respect’’.

Alfonso Arturo: What, no, wait, wait! I’ll pay you...
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