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The Cave Manager:

Job purpose:

To plan carry and oversee the cave's resources and people at Al Hoota cave. His or Her prerogative will cover a Tourist information centre (TICs) to provideinformation to the public about the Hoota Cave or events attractions happening at the facility. The cave manager's foremost duty is to ensure that visitors are well informed and well taken care of duringtheir visit to the cave.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

Ensures that the centre runs smoothly, recruits and trains staff .To be successful, the cave manager must plan well inadvance and be able to predict what the public is expecting from their visit.

Plans shift work for cave staff so that each employee works a maximum of 6 days per week. At the same timeforecasts numbers of guides to be on site for busy days and rush hours to minimize next to nil patrons wait time.

Coordinates with the marketing department in Muscat for reservations in real time soas patron wait time is minimal.

Channels all Ministry communication through Muscat headquarters that will in turn pass on the communication to ministry.

Liaises with the ticketingstaff to ensure smooth operations throughout the visit of the patrons.

Notifies the projects manager of financial needs in terms of facility and safety improvement to bring in quick fixes.Presents bills to financial manager for all expenses incurred on behalf of the cave.

Trains the staff on the skills of customer service as well as does and don'ts and regular roleplay , manages , appraises and motivates staff. Makes sure the staff is well groomed and wearing the appropriate attire for their duties.

Determines need for external training so that cavestaff performs in different languages with etiquette.

Sends daily reports to the Project Manager.

Works on self growth as well as own staff growth.

Fosters a positive...
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