Chance and coincidence in moon palace

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Chance and Coincidence – the only constant in Marco’s life

Marco: - chance determines his life
- he got to know Kitty by chance
- pure chance saves him from missing the physical
- it’s a weird coincidence that he worked for his grandfather without knowing it
Effing: - doesn’t believe in coincidences
- finds out about his son by chance
- dies on the day he predicted
Solomon:- could have found out about Marco in 1959
- everything in his book “Kepler´s blood” happens by chance

List of events having to do with chance, coincidence or miracles:
• p.7 l.6-8 “If not for a girl named Kitty Wu, I probably would have starved to death. I had met her by chance only a short time before”  Marco considers chance “as a form of readiness, a way of savingmyself through the minds of others” (l.9-10)
• p.19 l.57-59 “When I counted them this afternoon, there were one Thousand four hundred and ninety-two volumes. A propitious number, I think, since it evokes the memory of Columbus`s discovery of America”
• p.25 l.57 “”If I were you,” he (the mortician) said to me,”I wouldn’t expect any miracles.””
• p.38 l.11 “As chance would have it, I took thelast ones (books) up to Chandler on the same day the astronauts landed on the moon”
• p.42 l.3 onwards “You’re wearing the same shirt she is” (l.6) “It’s a weird coincidence” (l.11)  Marco is invited to have breakfast with the group of young people, meets Kitty for the first time
• p.56 l.24-26 “If I had any thought at all, it was to let chance determine what happened, to follow the path ofimpulse and arbitrary events.”
• p.57 l.46-53 “an improbable occurrence took place. I was standing in front of […] when I suddenly looked down and saw a ten-dollar bill lying at my feet” (l.46-49) “a religious event, an out-and-out miracle” (l.53)
• p.58 l. 38-39 “It turned out to be Around the world in 80 Days, the same movie I had seen with Uncle Victor back in Chicago eleven years before”  Marcothinks that “fate was watching out” (p.59 l.43) for him, that his life was “under the protection of benevolent spirits” (l. 44)

• p.64 “a young woman with bright red hair walked up to me and put a five-dollar bill in my hand” (l.6-7) “a group of young people invited me to join them on the grass for a picnic lunch” (l.7-8)  Marco didn’t “attribute it to chance so much as to a special state ofmind” (l.21-22), “good things only happened to [him] when [he] stopped wishing for them” (l.30-31), he experiences “miracles” (p.65 l.56)
• p.68 l.22 “reality was a yo-yo, change was the only constant”
• p.71 l.57-59 “I would find money on the ground or some stranger would step forth and produce one of those miracles I have already discussed”
• p.76 l.22-23 “Zimmer and Kitty found me”  Marcohad just “crawled from the cave” (l.6). Inside the cave they wouldn’t have found him, in a city as big as New York it’s always a coincidence to find somebody
• p.78-79 “luck got me around it in the end” (p.78 l.37-38), “I unsnapped the locks and opened it, but before I had a chance to examine the clarinet, a white envelope fluttered to the floor, and I realized that my troubles were only justbeginning.” (p.79 l.49-52), “letter from the draft board” (l.52), “forgotten the date of my physical” (l.53)
 pure chance saves Marco from becoming a criminal because of missing the
physical. He finds the letter just the day before his physical.
• p.100 l.32-36 In the chinese restaurant Moon Palace Marco finds the following sentence in his fortune cookie: “The sun is the past, theearth is the present, the moon is the future” (l.32-33). In the future he is going to be confronted with this phrase again and so he considers this “chance discovery of it in the Moon Palace” (l.35) to be “fraught with a weird and premonitory truth” (l.36)
• p.107 l.51-52 (Marco:) “It could have been a coincidence” (l.51) (Effing:) “There are no coincidences” (l.52)  Effing doesn’t believe in...
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